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Your choice Kabukicho tour

Night cruise your choice!

Hostess club/Host club/disco club
Entertainment show
/Bar/And More!

Your choice Kabukicho tour


GUIDE FEE1 choice   each ¥1,000
2 choice   each ¥1,000
3 choice  each  ¥2,000
4 choice  each  ¥2,000
5 choice each  ¥3,000

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According to a newspaper, many of tourists are disappointed to enjoy during night times because of very few places open.How sad!

This tour is an answer.You maybe know, Kabukicho  is the largest area in Japan in terms of red light district.However, there are so many shops foreigners unfriendly.That is true, unfortunately.One of the biggest reasons is language barrier.Japanese people do care about this problem.Well, how can we do for you. we don't wanna let you down.The best answer is this.If you bring us to a shop you are really looking can get in anywhere you want.'cause, we speak Japanese.we can guarantee you that you are nice people.

The fact there are few places  to enjoy during night times is wrong.Just get  your choice tour. you can enjoy Japanese subculture, such as strip show, host club, a variety of unique can feel cool Japan.If you have a question, click contact sign.We wil respond to you ASAP.Don't miss this great opportunity.


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