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This tour also includes Golden Gai, Hanazono shrine and a  licensed guide who is specialized with Japanese culture.

  • Kabukicho

  • Shinjuku Godzilla road

  • Goldengai



Bushido Challenge

The Bushido Challenge,you get a lecture about sword "SAMURAI sword KATA".

This beautiful sword is perfect for experienced bushi practitioners to use throughout Kata demonstrations and also you can try on a full set of  dogi uniform and drawing your sword and attcking the enemy in sword fighting.Get your bushido though the Bushido Challenge.

Knowledge of Samurai Spirit

Knowledge of Samurai Spirit, the beauty of samurai spirit is shown in Japanese swords and their costumes.

You will find Samurai armor swords and helmets all samurai goods through Samurai spirits and feel their sprits still living in today's Japanese people.

Ninja Challenge

Ninja Challenge, Ninja were professional warriors and spies.

You get a lecture about Kenjutsu (sword fighting),Shurikenjutsu (throwing blades ) and Ninjya history. Enjoy being Ninjya Karakuri(tricks and traps ) set facilities.

A dinner like Samurai

A dinner like Samurai, Japanese bar restaurant displays some famous Samurai armors and has a lot of rooms featuring not just Samurai historical battles but also the hottest Samurai figures.
You feel like you live in Samurai era.

  •  Make a day by visiting Kabukicho with a wonderful memory.

  • Professional
    photographer takes your special photo.

  • trying on dress up like a Samurai or Ninja , Oiran, a figure of history.

  • You feel touchable with Japanese culture.


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