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Welcome to such a unique group tour “Night living of Shinjuku”in our shop. Any other type of tours are available .

You can spend a good time with friends and family members or as custom experiences for companies, clubs, and organizations in Shinjuku.

Night of Living Shinjuku Tour

Kabukicho night cruise

Welcome to Shinjuku

Welcome “Master
and Princess” to Shinjuku.
You are spending a good time in here.Touching to maids, taking pictures with you
and maids give performance for you.

The drinks and foods are full of “Deco”, some decoration food like a bear、any other cute animals.Decorated food not only looks more cute and appealing, but also tastes better and prepares tasty all food nice for eyes.

You can spend a wonderful time while in the dream land. Enjoy cool Japan "Otaku” culture in Shinjuku.

Escape from Shinjuku

The grittiness and the urban chaos of Shinjuku if you are looking for a special night. Everything you need is here..

delicious food, drink, shopping district and more.
Next,,,  this is Real game coming.
You are the man of character now. Here is a situation. You get lost in Shinjuku…All of sudden, you just got stuck in a small room. You gotta find a key to escape.

Let`s get a game started.
A maze that requires planned movement, logic, sequencing, matching, interaction, cooperation and more. Solve by using them all for escape from Shinjuku within time limit. 

Tasting of Kabukicho

Delicious food and drink are an integral part of Kabukicho.You can choose cocktail of 100 more and beers, too.

This bar restaurant has various unique rooms for relaxing atmosphere. This restaurant has one of kind interior inspired from “scary movie”Enjoy tasting Kabukicho.

Secret of Kabukicho

Kabukicho has long been a beacon for every type of artist,, especially underground artists seeking freedom, acceptance and community.

Professional “Shibari” artists to showcase its erotic Japanese rope bondage in Kabukicho, have catapulted into films, music videos, performance, and visual art.

Likewise, Professional “Odoriko” dancers with Japanese traditional costumes are also moving, stepping, sometimes exposing themselves so beautifully, and so erotically. People are enthusiastically watching them. Girls are diving into your heart. Eventually, you are completely moved.Secret of kabukicho will present you hidden joy of two or more shows and enjoy a performance by all.

Dead End in Tokyo by Men With The Mission

This is a theme song of motion picture "Shinjuku Swan Ⅱ゛

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